ALL Learning Boards for the 300 Magic Words

Premium Learning Boards Pack - 100, 200 & 300 Words

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Learn to read and write the 300 Magic Words with the Learning Boards. The pack includes activities and games such as Bingo, Tap and Say, Write and Wipe and many more.

DURABLE, REUSABLE, DOUBLE SIDED and GLOSS LAMINATED. Perfect for writing and wiping with a water based marker.

Premium Learning Boards Pack includes: 

M100W - Magic 100 Words (1-100 words) - Golden Words Learning BoardsRed Words Learning Boards, Blue Words Learning BoardsGreen Words  Learning Boards, Orange Words Learning Boards, Indigo Words Learning Boards and Violet Words  Learning Boards - $34.95

M100W - Magic 200 Words (101-200 words) - Pink Words  Learning Boards, Purple Words Learning Boards, Aqua Words Learning Boards, Lime Words Learning Boards and Lemon Words  Learning Boards - $34.95

M100W - Magic 300 Words (201-300 words) - Pearl  Words  Learning Boards,  Ruby  Words  Learning Boards, Sapphire Words Learning Boards,  Jade Words  Learning Boards, and Amber Words  Learning Boards - $34.95

Individual Value $95 - Premium Learning Boards Pack price $74.95 (SAVE $20)

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These Learning Boards match the sheets sent home from school and are ideal for learning to read and write the Magic Words - the most important words in reading and writing.  Learning activities include - Bingo, Tap and Say, Fast Words, Tracing, Copying, Spelling and Writing.  

Successful readers know all the Magic Words and by doing the fun activites on the the Learning Boards can increase their reading, fluency and comprehension and learn how to write and spell all the words.

80% of Australian Primary Schools are using Magic Words!

Games to play with the Magic Words

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