Magic Words Teaching Learning and Assessment
Certified Professional Learning

Magic Words Teaching Learning and Assessment

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This Professional Learning (PL) begins with an overview of how to use Magic Words efficiently and effectively in your classroom to enhance reading, spelling and writing.  

The three hour Certified PL shows you how to use the Big 6 of literacy using Magic Words to maximise the learning outcomes for all students.

  1. Oral Language 
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Phonemic Awareness
  4. Phonics (for decoding and spelling)
  5. Fluency (for reading and writing automaticity)
  6. Comprehension.

It is the ideal PL to upskill and gain professional points using the Magic Words Resources and Assessments, to inform, differentiate and improve teaching and learning outcomes. These skills can be immediately applied in the classroom with each and every student.

This comprehensive PL provides explicit knowledge in how to teach and assess each students' literacy progress in the acquisition of sight words for reading, fluency and comprehension.  The Magic Words Test results correlate with students' Running Records and will assist you in triangulating your students' literacy data for robust, reliable and accurate reporting.

3 hours Certified Professional Learning 

Magic Words Test Kit and Benchmarks (Kit) are included in this Professional Learning. 

This Kit allows teachers to measure each student’s:

* word recognition skills against Australian Benchmarks 

* rate of acquisition of the high-frequency words term by term, across the first four years of schooling

* progress in literacy proficiency for assessment, tracking and monitoring, and reporting    (A-E Reporting Standards - A Well Above, B Above Average, C At Standard, D Below Average, E Well Below)

* Includes Magic Words Test Kit and Benchmarks  required to complete the PL.

NB: You will need the Magic Words Test Kit and Australian Benchmarks to complete the PL however, you can begin the first section prior to receiving the Kit.

You have 8 weeks to complete the PL from the date of enrolment

Online Training

After completing your purchase you will receive two emails:

1. Confirmation of your purchase 

2. Access to the Professional Learning

You will need to have received the Magic Words Test Kit and Benchmarks before you can complete the PL. 

You will receive a separate email with the tracking details of your Kit.

You will have 8 weeks to complete the course from the date of enrolment

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