Extension Pack
Playing Cards and Learning Boards for the Magic 200 Words

Extension Pack

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Best Value for learning the Magic 200 and 300 Words

Extension Pack contains

Magic 200 Words Playing Cards (101-200 words) $47

Magic 200 Words Learning Boards $34.95

Magic 300 Words Playing Cards (201-200 words) $47

Magic 300 Words Learning Boards $34.95

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The second and third collection of Magic Words (101-300 Words) for learning to read and write.

The Extension Pack is an ideal way to rapidly advance you child's mastery of the Magic 200 and 300 Words (101-300 Words). Tens of thousands of children in schools and homes are playing Magic Words to learn the most frequently used words in reading and writing. Successful readers know the Magic Words and by playing these exciting card games all children can accelerate their reading, increase their fluency, develop their comprehension, boost their self esteem and build their confidence.

Games to play with the Magic Words

Ideally, parents can match the words from the take home book or school reader with words from all the Magic Words Playing Cards, for example, "When I look up I see a..." This rapidly advances a child's mastery of the Magic Words as they play games with the cards, using words from their own take home book or school reader. When playing the Magic Words card games and reading across the rainbow of words children are exposed to words above and beyond what they may have been taught. This dramatically improves their reading skills. When tested, after playing with the Magic Words, many children are reported to be well beyond others in the class. The number of words a child knows is far more important than what colour or level they are on.


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