M100W Magic Words

Parent Starter Pack

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The Parent Starter Pack contains:
Magic 100 Words Playing Cards (1-100 Words) $47 

Magic 200 Words Playing Cards (101-200 Words) $47

Magic 100 Words and Numbers Board Game $15.95

Magic 200 Words and Times Table Poster $15.95

Individual value $126 - Parent Starter Pack Price $79.00

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The Magic Words Starter Parent Pack is an ideal way to rapidly advance you child's mastery of the Magic Words. Tens of thousands of children in schools and homes everywhere are playing Magic Words to master the most frequently used words in reading and writing. Successful readers know the Magic Words and by playing these exciting card games all children can accelerate their reading, increase their fluency, develop their comprehension, boost their self esteem and build their confidence.

The Magic 100 Words Playing Cards (1-100 Words) contains pairs of the Golden WordsRed Words , Blue WordsOrange Words, Green WordsIndigo Words and Violet WordsThe Magic 200 Words Playing Cards (101-200 words) contains pairs of Pink WordsPurple WordsAqua WordsLime Words and Lemon Words.

The number of words a child knows is also a good predictor of their reading level.

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