Magic 100 Words

Magic 100 Words

Magic Words are the most common words in English and are the most important words in learning to read and write.​

Magic 100 Words make up half of all the words in reading and writing.​

These best-selling Magic Words cards are ideal for playing at home and school to learn the most important words in reading and writing.

This unique compilation of words has been divided into statistically significant collections presented as coloured levels

Magic 100 Words are divided into seven levels which make up, on average, half of all words used in reading and writing.

• 12 Golden Words make up one-quarter

• 20 Red Words, together with the 12 Golden Words (32 words), make up one-third

• 12 Blue Words, 16 Green Words, 16 Orange Words, 12 Indigo Words and 12 Violet Words (68 words) together with the 12 Golden Words and the 20 Red Words make up Magic 100 Words®.

Magic 100 Words are the 100 most important words in learning to read and write.

Magic Words undertook a meta-analysis of research into high-frequency words to determine the highest value set of words possible and has resulted in a new edition. This research, based upon the most current data, was distilled, calibrated and analysed to produce the Magic Words word list, which is believed to be the best collection of high-frequency words available.

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