Professional Learning/Professional Development (PD) for teaching sight words and reading.

Professional Learning

Literacy developemnt for all students stands as a foundational pillar, shaping the trajectory of students' academic and life outcomes. Magic Words has emerged as a beacon of innovation, transforming the landscape of literacy instruction for many worldwide. 

Magic Words, is used in over 80% of Australian Primary Schools due to its versatility and strength in employing a holistic approach to literacy development. Rooted in the expertise of its creator, Marcella Reiter, Magic Words encapsulates the essence of engaging, game-based learning, captivating young learners and fostering a profound love for literacy.

At the heart of Magic Words lies the research of a meticulously crafted repertoire of high-frequency words, encompasing phonics, phonemic awareness, the most used sight words, fluency (automaticity), oral language and comprehension. Through interactive activities seamlessly integrated into literacy programs, Magic Words cultivates essential skills ranging from oral language proficiency to comprehension mastery. The results speak volumes, with students navigating the intricacies of reading at an accelerated pace, to unlock the wonderful world of knowledge and imagination.

Marcella Reiter, (B.Ed., B.A., Grad.Dip.Sc. & Reg Psychologist), brings to the task a wealth of experience garnered across primary, secondary, and tertiary landscapes. Armed with insights derived from her roles as a Classroom Teacher and Psychologist, Reiter's professional learning initiatives elevate educators' efficacy in literacy instruction, empowering them to cater to the diverse needs of every student.

Magic Words offers a multifaceted approach to professional development, ranging from immersive in-school workshops to personalized Classroom Coaching sessions. By equipping teachers with the tools and strategies essential for nurturing literacy proficiency, Magic Words brings confidence and enthusiasm, fostering a culture of lifelong learning and empowerment within educational communities.

Magic Words stands as a testament to the strenght of innovative pedagogy which engages and empowers students. As educators and students alike embark on the journey towards literacy excellence.

Magic Words offers face-face, in school workshops, and Classroom Coaching. 


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