Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Magic Words reading and writing

Magic Words is used in schools all around the world and in over 80% of Australian Primary Schools.

Schools using the Magic Words as a key strategy of the literacy program, achieve outstanding success.

​Children worldwide, are learning to read quickly and easily through playing games and having fun with the M100W - Magic Words.

Children learning the M100W - Magic Words learn to read, on average, four times faster.  

Experienced Classroom Teacher, Psychologist and creator of Magic Words, Marcella Reiter (B. Ed., B.A., Grad. Dip. Sc.) provides engaging Professional Learning to enhance Teachers' literacy teaching and maximise the success for every student in the classroom.

She has extensive experience in primary, secondary and tertiary settings both in Australia and overseas.

Magic Words offers face-face, in school workshops, Classroom coaching and online training.


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