Playing Cards & Learning Boards for the 100 & 200 Magic Words

Premium Home Starter Pack - Magic 100 & 200 Words

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The best value for learning the 100 and 200 Magic Words

Home Starter Pack contains: 

Magic 100 Words Playing Cards (1-100 Words) $47

Magic 200 Words Playing Cards (101-200 Words) $47 

Magic 100 Words  Learning Boards $34.95

Magic 200 Words Learning Boards $34.95

Magic 100 Words Board Game - $15

Individual value $179 - Optimum Home Starter Pack Price $145

Order before 30/11/2021

Games to play with the Magic Words

Ideal for quickly and easily learning how to read and write the first 200 Magic Words.

Children delight in playing the card games and all the reading and writing activities on the Learning Boards.

Magic Words are the most important words for every child's schooling in learning the most frequently used words in reading and writing.

Great readers know all their Magic Words.

Magic Words enhances reading, writing, phonics, fluency and comprehension.

The number of words a child knows is a great predictor of their reading level.

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