Learning to read with Magic Words

Learning to read with Magic Words

What are the Magic Words?

The Magic Words are the most frequently used and the important words in learning to read and write.

The 12 Golden Words make up, on average, 25% or 1/4 of all words in reading.

The 12 Golden Words, together with the 20 Red Words (32 words) make up, on average, 33% or 1/3 of all words in reading. The Magic 100 Words make up on average 50% or 1/2 of all the words used in reading and writing. Once a student has mastered these 100 words reading and writing becomes magically easier.

The Magic Words includes the 12 Golden Words, 20 Red Words, 12 Blue Words, 16 Green Words, 16 Orange Words, 12 Indigo Words and 12 Violet Words.

The Magic Words Playing Cards match the Magic Words Learning Boards used in over 80% of Australian Primary Schools.

The Foundation Pack is an ideal way to rapidly advance a mastery of the first Magic 100 Words. Thousands of students in schools and homes are playing Magic Words to learn the most frequently used words in reading and writing.

Successful readers know the Magic Words and by playing these exciting games all children can increase fluency, develop comprehension, boost self-esteem, build confidence and accelerate their reading and writing skills.

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