How to use Magic Words

Golden Words Games and Activities

Learn the Magic Words in context.

Locate the Magic Words from your child's book or the Magic Words Learning Board; then select the matching words, from the set of Magic Words Playing Cards

Match the Magic Words Playing Cards to the book, so that your child can see that the same words are in their book (see image). 

Magic Words are in all books and readers

Choose about 12 words from the book or from the Magic Words Learning Board and begin playing the Magic Words card games - Magic Memory (all time favourite), Wish, Guess What Word and many more. 

Play games with the Magic Words Playing Cards often, so that your child can quickly and easily master all the words.  

All of the Magic Words, in their colours and levels, are contained in the set of Magic Words Playing Cards.

Children can immediately move on to new words and levels at any time.

Magic Memory Game