Professional Learning

Magic Words is used in schools all around the world and in over 80% of Australian Primary Schools.

Schools using the Magic Words, as a key strategy of the literacy program, achieve outstanding success.

Children worldwide, are learning to read quickly and easily through playing games and having fun with the M100W - Magic Words.

Children learning the M100W - Magic Words learn to read, on average, four times faster.  

Marcella Reiter provides Professional Development to enhance Teacher's literacy teaching and maximise the success for every student in the classroom.

Participants leave the sessions inspired in their literacy teaching, affirmed by extended knowledge and motivated to enhance the literacy achievement of every student.  Through the first hand experience of explicit teaching techniques, participants master strategies that can be immediately applied in their classrooms to rapidly improve word knowledge, increase fluency and develop comprehension skills.

Marcella has worked as part of the professional development teams for  the Federal Government - Quality Schools Program, Australian Distance Education Centres, numerous publishing houses and for the Australian Council for Educational Research - ACER.

Participants experience a range of high value literacy activities including: 

* exploring the most efficient strategies to rapidly enhance reading; 
* investigating effective ways to increase fluency; 
* discovering how automaticity and comprehension are critically linked; and 
* considering the most successful literacy activities to use and knowing why they work.

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