Professional Learning


Professional Learning dates for 2023 available upon request and schools are welcome to call or email for available times and dates.

Twilight Sessions (Introduction to Magic Words 1.5 hrs.) after school or Full Day Workshops held onsite for schools wanting to fully implement Magic Words into their literacy learning.

Topics include;

Success in Literacy Learning

The Big Six of Literacy Learning.

  1. Oral Language 
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Phonemic Awareness
  4. Phonics (decoding to read and spelling to write)
  5. Fluency (reading and writing automaticity)
  6. Comprehension.

Magic Words workshop in schools for teachers

This is the ideal PL to up-skill and gain professional points using the Magic Words Resources and Assessments, to inform, differentiate and improve teaching and learning outcomes. These skills can be immediately applied in the classroom with each and every student.

Testing and Reporting

Magic Words Test Kit and Benchmarks for accurately testing, scoring, recording and reporting on sight word acquisition

The Australian Benchmarks for Word Recognition Manual and Test Cards allow teachers to accurately measure each student’s:

Word recognition skills against Australian Benchmarks (standardised measure of over 3,000 Australian Students across four terms = 12,000+ data sets)

Rate of acquisition of the high-frequency words term by term, across the first four years of schooling

Automaticity and fluency for reading 

Progress in literacy proficiency for assessment, tracking and monitoring, and reporting:

Magic Words score card for testing students mastery of sight words for reading and writing

A - E Reporting Standards:

A - Well Above,

- Above Average,

C - At Standard,

- Below Average,

E - Well Below