What are the Magic Words

Magic Words are the most frequently used words in English.

Magic 100 Words make up half  or 50% of all the words in reading.

'12 Golden Words' - this list (sourced from the Magic 100 Words Teachers Literacy Resource) is often sent home for children to learn the words.  These '12 Golden Words' are the most frequently used words in English and can be found in every book, magazine and newspaper.

Following the '12 Golden Words' are the 20 Red Words, 12 Blue Words, 16 Green Words, 16 Orange Words, 12 Indigo Words and 12 Violet Words which make up the Magic 100 Words; which make up half of all the words in reading.

Every child learning to read needs to know the 100 most frequently used words to be a s successful reader.  

Teachers everywhere recommend that parents who want to assist their children's reading skills and literacy development have the Magic Words Playing Cards to play at home. Parents can match the words (Playing Cards) to the book or Magic Words sheet their child brings home.

The Magic 100 Words Playing Cards feature all of the Magic 100 Words in the coloured levels.

Playing card games with the Magic 100 Words rapidly improves reading, fluency and comprehesion, and accelerates the learning of these most important words. This is a quick and easy way to assist every child in learning to read.