Writing the Magic Words

Writing the Magic Words

The Magic Words Playing Cards and Learning Boards are printed in the reading font most commonly used in children’s readers/books.

It is important that children can read the words automatically before being required to write the words (which is a more complex skill).

The resources have been designed to use generically across Australian states and around the world.

Students are encouraged to practice their writing on the back panel of the Learning Boards in any font used by their school.

Most children can recognise the letters of the alphabet in their various fonts once they have been exposed to the variations and make the transitions easily.

Use a water based marker on the back of the Magic Words Learning Board to practice writing the Magic Words in the level the child is learning. 

Use the dotted thirds and place the letters on the red line.

Wipe the Learning Board clean and keep practicing.

Children can use the words at the bottom of the Learning Board to remind them how to spell the words.

Choose a word and write it as many times as you can in one minute.

Look Say-Cover-Write Check.

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