The benefits of developing reading skills during childhood

The benefits of developing reading skills during childhood


As a child learns to read, they are opened up to a world of wonder and possibility that will help spark a lifelong love of learning. Beyond identifying the different sounds and words displayed on a page, there are many benefits to developing reading skills in early childhood that will have an enormous impact on their future development. In this article, we at Magic Words explore this concept in more detail, as well as how literacy strategies and games for reading development can assist.

How Developing Strong Reading Skills Helps Your Child

Developing Communication Skills

Reading is one of the life’s most important skills. Early reading success, corelates highly with life outcomes. Through sharing stories, talking to children, singing, and asking questions, we are introducing our children to new forms of communication and expression. Strong communication skills will be essential throughout your child’s life, after all, regardless of their pursuits, and as their vocabulary expands and they are exposed to new ways of, talking and expressing themselves their articulation will improve around how they share their thoughts and ideas.

Expand Their Knowledge

Reading to children also offers the opportunity to introduce new ideas and information. Children’s books typically cover themes of friendship and family, life’s events – parties, picnics and playtime, the struggles of growing up, as well as a variety of fantastical and comical subject matter. Without being consciously aware of it, they are learning valuable life skills through reading these stories, and are assimilating vocabulary and information, that will demonstrate how healthy friendships and relationships work, shape their world views, and promote individualized thinking for their future.

Encourage Better Focus, Confidence & Independence

Employing strategies and fun games to support independent and reading skills can greatly improve a child’s focus, confidence, and independence. A child will rapidly start trying to figure out new words on their own once they have mastered basic the alphabetic principles, phonics they will be able to use these skills in their everyday life. It also provides them with the confidence that they will need to continue acquiring new knowledge, gradually assuming more independence to navigate their own learning journeys.

Games for Reading Skills

One of the best ways to help a child who is developing reading skills is to make the experience fun and memorable. Using specially designed games for reading skills can greatly contribute to your child’s success and enjoyment, taking much of the stress out of the learning process. It is quite simple; the more fun a learning task offers, the more likely your children will be motivated to keep coming back for more.

Supporting your children as they learn reading skills through reading activities and games is also an amazing way to build relationships, as this provides special bonding time between parents and children.

Building Guided Reading Skills Using Fun Resources & Games with Magic Words

Magic Words offers resources featuring the most commonly used words in the English language that children need to know when developing their reading skills. Thanks to our collection of games and word packs, we are supporting literacy development early in their childhood by providing stimulating and engaging materials that improve literacy skills, increase fluency, enhance spelling and writing, and develop comprehension.

For more information about how you can use our incredible products to support your child as they begin developing their reading skills, contact us today at and experience the wonders of literacy.
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