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Playing Cards and Learning Boards for the Magic 200 Words

Year One Home Pack - Magic 200 Words

Year One Home Pack - Magic 200 Words

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The Year One Home Pack - Magic 200 Words (101 - 200 words) is a collection of 200 playing cards, split across 5 color-coded sets (in the Magic Words list of high frequency words/sight words) that help children to rapidly learn the most common words used in reading and writing. With the accompanying activities and games, increased fluency, comprehension, self-esteem and confidence in reading can be rapidly achieved. Improve your child's literacy skills and confidence with this fun, engaging, educational resource.

The Magic 200 Words Playing Cards & Learning Boards Pack is the ideal way to rapidly increase a child's learning of the Magic 200 Words (101-200 Words). 

Year One Home Pack contains

Magic 200 Words Playing Cards (101-200 words) 

Magic 200 Words Learning Boards 

Individual value $82 - Year One Home Pack - $77

Free Bonus Gift - Magic 200 Words and Tables Poster - Order by - 28/07/24

Games to play with the Magic Words

Match the Magic Words to the book your child is reading -

Ideally, teachers and parents can match the words from the take home book or school reader with words from the Magic 200 Words Playing Cards, for example,

"When I look up I see a...(cat, dog, tree, girl, boy, bird, house).

Long / ē /sound Match to decodable books = e.g. 

"Come here with me. See the green tree. We see three bees in the green tree..."

Short /a/ / i / sound       The cat sat on the mat.  Tim is in the big bin with Pip.

Short /e/ sound               Meg and Ben try to get the red hen back in the pen.

This rapidly advances a child's mastery of the Magic Words as they play card games with the words, using words from their very own take home book or school reader.

Ideally, match the words (from the playing cards) to the book students are reading.

When playing the Magic Words card games and reading across the rainbow of words children are exposed to words above and beyond what they may have been taught. This dramatically improves their literacy skills.

Number of words known is most important in determining reading level.

When tested, after playing with the Magic Words, many children are reported to be well beyond others in the class. The number of words a child knows is the best predictor of their reading level and far more important than what colour they are on.

Magic Words is an important resource in learning how to read and is sometimes referred to as the M100 or the Miaow Words, sight words, frequently used words, most common words, M1000W, Golden Words, Gold Words, Red Words, Blue Words, Green Words etc The "Science of Reading" highlights how important these words are for learning to read well.

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