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Playing Cards for the M100W Magic 200 Words (200 Cards)

Magic 200 Words Playing Cards

Magic 200 Words Playing Cards

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Enhance reading with Magic Words sight words through engaging activities: Bingo, Flashcards, Memory Match, Story Building, Word Hunt, Spelling Bee, Puzzles, and Alphabetical Order.

Learn to read the Magic 200 Words by playing card games. The pack includes an instruction booklet for games such as Magic Memory, Wish, Guess What Word and many more.

Magic 200 Words Playing Cards features 200 Playing Cards, Instruction Booklet and pairs of all of the 20 Pink Words, 20 Purple Words, 20 Aqua Words, 20 Lime Words & 20 Lemon Words.

The Magic 200 Words (101-200 words) together with the Magic 100 Words (1-100 words) make up, on average, 66% or 2/3 of all the words used in reading and writing.

These Magic 200 Words Playing Cards match the sheets found in the M100W Magic 200 Words Teachers Resource Manual which is used in over 80% of Australian Primary Schools.

Whilst playing cards and having fun every child's literacy can be enhanced.

Once a student has mastered the Magic 100 Words (1-100) and Magic 200 Words (101-200) in reading they are ready for a lifetime of learning.

These 200 Playing Cards are all you need to teach a child the Magic 200 Words.

Magic Words is an important resource in learning how to read and is sometimes referred to as the M100 or the Miaow Words, sight words, frequently used words, most common words, M1000W, Golden Words, Gold Words, Red Words, Blue Words, Green Words etc The "Science of Reading" highlights how important these words are for learning to read well.

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