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Playing Cards for the M100W Magic 100 Words (200 Cards)

Magic 100 Words Playing Cards

Magic 100 Words Playing Cards

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Enhance reading with Magic Words high frequency/sight words through engaging activities: Bingo, Flashcards, Memory Match, Story Building, Word Hunt, Spelling Bee, Puzzles, and Alphabetical Order.

Mastering the 100 most frequently used English words is an essential step for every child to attain reading and writing success. Playing these educational card games and engaging in literacy activities will significantly accelerate the process of gaining familiarity with Magic 100 Words. The set contains an instruction booklet as well as activities such as Magic Memory (Concentration), sentence construction, Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN), and games like, Wish (similar to Fish), and Guess What Word (like Guess Who) and many more. Through fun and interactive exercises, children can easily and quickly build the essential language and literacy skills needed to succeed. With Magic 100 Words, they'll get a comprehensive educational experience that blends traditional learning methods with modern, game-based activities.

M100W - Magic 100 Words Playing Cards (1-100 words)  contains pairs of the:

12 Golden Words20 Red Words12 Blue Words16 Green Words16 Orange Words12 Indigo Words & 12 Violet Words.

Magic 100 Words Playing Cards (1-100 word pairs = 200 playing cards) $47 

Free Bonus Gift: Magic 100 Words Board Game, Order by - 16/06/2024

Magic Words are the most common words in English and are the most important words in learning to read and write.

The top 100 most common words make up half (½) of all reading and writing.

Words like “the”, “a”, “and” are in every book, article and all reading and writing.

12 Golden Words are the most common words in all reading and writing, and make up 1/4 or one in every four words.

Learning the 12 Golden Words allows children to begin reading little books. Children can begin reading small repetitious books, using the pictures as support, such as:

This is a dog.”  “This is a cat.”  “This is a bird.”  "This is a tree." The high frequency words are:  "This is a"  "dog, cat, bird, tree" are also high frequency words which appear in the Magic 200 Words set. 

This is a - dog, cat, bird and tree will be illustrated and supported by the picture, and are words that a child will encounter in the Magic 200 Words.

Magic Words are the most common words in English and are the most important words in learning to read.

Magic 100 Words make up half of all the words in reading and writing.

These best-selling Magic Words cards are ideal for playing at home and school to learn the most important words in reading.

Magic 100 Words (1-100 words) make up 50% of the words in reading.

Magic 200 Words (101-200 words) make up 66% of the words in reading. 

Magic 300 Words (201-300 words) make up 70% of the words used in reading.

Learning the Magic Words rapidly improves reading and writing, increases fluency and develops comprehension for literacy success.

Magic Words is an important resource in the science of reading and learning to read and is sometimes referred to as the M100 or the Miaow Words, sight words, frequently used words, most common words, M1000W, Golden Words, Gold Words, Red Words, Blue Words, Green Words etc The "Science of Reading" highlights how important these words are for learning to read well.

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