M100W Magic 300 Words

Year One and Two Classroom Teacher Pack

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Everything you need to teach your class the Magic 300 Words!

Magic 300 Words Classroom Pack contains:

Magic 300 Words Playing Cards (201-300 Words) $47 

Magic 300 Words Literacy Resource Manual (201-300 Words) $69.95

Magic 300 Words Learning Centre Pack $150

RRP $267 Magic 300 Words Classroom Teacher Pack $199.00

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Everything you need to teach your class the Magic 300 Words! 

* Magic Words Recognition Test

* Magic Words Recognition Test - Student Record Form

* Magic Words Placemats, Wordlists and Certificates

* Magic Words Spelling

* Magic Words - Onset and Rime

* Magic Words - Sorting Activities, Pyramids, Words in Words, Opposites, Wordshape Templates, Dictionary, Compound Words and many more activities.

The Classroom Magic 300 Words Pack is the ideal resource to rapidly improve the literacy development of every child in the classroom. Children everywhere are playing Magic Words to master the most frequently used words in reading and writing. The Magic 300 Words (201-300 Words) Literacy Resource Manual together with the Magic 100 Words (201-300 Words) Playing Cards, and Magic 300 Words Learning Centre Pack dramatically reduces a teacher's planning and preparation time whilst greatly improving each child's literacy outcomes through targeted, explicit, systematic teaching of the most important words.

The Magic 300 Words (201-300) together with the Magic 100 Words (1-100) and the Magic 200 Words (101-200) make up on average 70% of all the words used in reading.

M100W Magic 300 Words Teacher Pack features 200 limited edition, full size Playing Cards and Instruction Booklet. This includes pairs of the 20 Ruby Words 20 Sapphire Words20 Jade Words20 Amber Words and 20 Pearl Words

It also includes the 2018 M100W Magic 300 Words Literacy Resource Manual which features the next 100 most frequently used words in English and extensive activities for teaching these most important words.

Also including Magic 300 Words Learning Centre Placemat Sheets Pack features the 201-300 most frequent words.

These Magic 300 Words Placemat Sheets are perfect for a group of children to use in a Learning Centre - to play bingo (for word recognition), to practice rapid automatic naming of the words (for fluency in reading), to learn how to spell the Magic 300 Words (spelling)and to practice writing the words (fluency in writing).

This is the ideal Learning Centre to master the most important words in reading and writing.

These Magic 300 Words Placemat Sheets support the activities contained in the Magic 300 Words Literacy Resource Manual. 

Games to play on the Magic Words Placemat Sheets

When reading across the rainbow of words, children are exposed to words above and beyond what they may have been taught and will often know more words than expected. The number of words a child knows is far more important than what colour or level they are on. 



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