How it works!

How it works!

Learning the most commonly occurring words in English is essential to every child's reading success.

The Magic Words make up 70% of all words in reading and writing.

The Magic Words have been divided into coloured levels according to their frequency - Golden Words, Red Words, Blue Words, Green Words, Orange Words, Indigo Words and Violet Words are contained in the first 100 words: Pink Words, Purple Words, Aqua Words, Lime Words and Lemon Words are the 101-200 Words and Ruby Words, Amber Words, Sapphire Words, Pearl Words and Jade are the Words 201-300 Words.




However, it is always best if the words a child is learning comes from the current book they are reading or from a sentence that has been made up.







When playing games, using the Magic Words resources, generally children will learn the Magic Words significantly faster.

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