Playing Cards and Learning Boards for the Magic 300 Words

Year One/Two Home Pack - Magic 300 Words

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Best value pack for learning the Magic 300 Words

Year One/Two Home Pack contains:

Magic 300 Words Playing Cards (201 -300 Words) $47.00 

Magic 300 Words Learning Boards $34.95

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This third collection of Magic Words (201 - 300 Words) is the ideal way to build upon the Magic 100 Words (1-100 - sold separately) and Magic 200 Words (101-200 - sold separately) and ensure that the student achieves 70%, on average, of all the words in reading and writing.

Magic 300 Words Card & Learning Boards Home Pack features the 201-300 most frequent words.

The Magic 300 Words Learning Boards and Playing Cards (pairs of each word) contain the 20 Ruby Words20 Sapphire Words20 Jade Words, 20 Amber Words & 20 Pearl Words.

Games to play with the Magic Words

Ideally, parents can match the words from the take home book with words from the Magic Words Playing Cards set to play at home. Example - "This is my mum ..." Choose the words from the book and play the Magic Words card games to reinforce the words in a fun and engaging way. This rapidly advances a child's mastery of the Magic Words as they play games with the cards, using words from their own take home book or school reader.

When playing the Magic Words card games choose any word from across the rainbow of words, (don't feel resticted to saying on one level or colour), children are therefore exposed to words above and beyond what they may have been taught. This dramatically improves their literacy skills.

When tested, after playing with the Magic Words, many children are reported to be well beyond others in the class. The number of words a child knows is far more important than what colour or level they are on. It is the total number of known words that determines their reading level, confidence and level of success.

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