Beat the Clock - Fluency Games

Games and strategies

Ask your child to look at the Magic Words on the Learning Board.

Timer/clock (mobile phone - stop watch).

Stopwatch - have the child say the words on the front of the Learning Board as quickly as they can.

Stop the watch and record the time.

Allow the child five attempts and record their personal best time (PB).

Practice daily to continue to improve speed and fluency.

Magic Words Playing Cards (10 or more pairs)

Once again ask the child to say their Magic Words as quickly as they can.

Record the best time in saying the words.

Magic Words Poster or Board Game

Choose a column on the Magic Words Poster or Board Game and have the child say the words in that column as quickly as you can.

Time how quickly the child can say the words.

Practise often so that the child gets faster and faster.

Learning to the say the Magic Words quickly is an excellent way to get better at reading and recognising the words.

The faster a child can say the words, the greater their comprehension in being able to think about the story or information in the book rather than all the little words.

These Magic Words games are all based on the important skill known as Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN) which highly correlates with successful reading and comprehension.

Assisting children to learn to say these high frequency words at a rate of about one word per second is an excellent stategy to enhance reading.

The Magic Words resources have been specifically designed to assist in learning these words and improving literacy.

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