Sentence Game

Games and strategies

  • Have a student make up a sentence using the Magic Words Playing Cards.
  • Then as you locate the words say the sentence back. Start with short simple sentences and gradually increase as confidence grows.
  • This game is particularly good at improving short term auditory memory.

Sample sentences:
I like you.
I will come.
I will come now.
I will come with you.
I will come with you now.
I want to come.
I want to come with you.
I want to come with you now.
I will come to you now.
I can look.
I can look up.
I can look down.
I can look at you.
I can look at you now.
I could come with you now.
I could go there now.
I want to go out there with you.
I want to go out there with you now.
I want to go out there now and see them.

There are literally hundreds of sentences that you can make up!

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