Classroom Teacher Optimum Pack with Benchmarks

Classroom Teacher Optimum Pack with Benchmarks

Optimum Classroom Teacher Pack includes ALL Magic 100, 200, and 300 Words Literacy Resource Manuals, Playing Cards, Learning Boards, Test Kit and Australian Benchmarks. 

This Pack is essential for every teacher wanting to effectively, efficiently and effortlessly teach the Magic Words.

* Magic Words Learning Board Templates, Wordlists and Certificates

* Magic Words Spelling

* Magic Words - Onset and Rime

* Magic Words - Sorting Activities, Pyramids, Words in Words, Opposites, Wordshape Templates, Dictionary, Contractions and many more activities.

* Magic Words Recognition Tests - Student Record Forms

Magic Words Games

The Optimum Classroom Teacher Pack is the ideal resource for rapidly improving the literacy development of every child in the classroom.

Thousands of children in schools are playing Magic Words to master the most frequently used words in reading and writing.

The Magic Words Teachers Literacy Resource Manuals together with the Magic Words Playing Cards and the Magic Words Learning Boards dramatically reduces a teacher's planning and preparation time whilst greatly improving each child's literacy outcomes through targeted, explicit, systematic teaching.

The Optimum Classroom Teacher Pack includes the 12 Golden Words, 20 Red Words, 12 Blue Words,16 Orange Words, 16 Green Words, 12 Indigo Words and 12 Violet Words, 20 Pink Words, 20 Purple Words, 20 Aqua Words, 20 Lime Words and 20 Lemon Words, 20 Ruby Words, 20 Sapphire Words, 20 Jade Words, 20 Amber Words and 20 Pearl Words.

When reading across the rainbow of words, students are exposed to words above and beyond what they may have been taught and will often know more words than expected.

The number of words a student knows is far more important than what colour or level they are on. The number of known words will correlate with the Reading Text Level. 

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