Magic Words Assessment and Benchmarks

Magic Words Assessment and Benchmarks

The national benchmarks for reading state that reading at about text level five is a good level for children to reach by the end of their first year at school.

Therefore if a child can master somewhere between 75 - 100 of their Magic 100 Words they have made a really good start.

Children who have about 50+ words will generally be able to read books at about Text Level 5.

Most children will master all 300 words by the end of their first three years at school.

The Magic Words Asessment and Benchmarks PL is a comprehensive course in learning how to assess students' literacy progress in recognition of sight words for reading. Contact Magic Words to book a Professional Learning Workshop.

Magic Words Australian Benchmarks for Word Recognition Manual and Test Cards allow teachers to measure each student’s:

* word recognition skills against Australian Benchmarks

* rate of acquisition of the high-frequency words term by term, across the first four years of schooling

* automaticity and fluency for reading 

* progress in literacy proficiency for assessment, tracking and monitoring, and reporting   (A-E Reporting Standards - A Well Above, B Above Average, C At Standard, Below Average, E Well Below)


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