Phonics programmes start children off by learning a few letters e.g.

                                           s, a, t, p, i, n              as the first sounds.

Once children know some letter/sounds, they can then be arranged into a variety of different words. Infact a large number of words; which demonstrates how they can manipulate the letter/sounds to make different words. (e.g.: in, it, at, sat, pat, tap, tip, tan, pit, pin, sit, sip, nip,etc.).

The Magic Words Learning Boards and Playing Cards show children how to read and write these words using phonics. The more practice with hands-on, play-based materials the more solid and robust the learning.

The Alphabetic Principal - how sounds in words work to make words;

e.g.  a + t = at    a + n = an     i + n = in      i + t = it,   a + n + d = and 

is a crucial part of every child's literacy development in learning to read and write.

Try some of the activities below.

Phonics with Magic Words Phonics with Magic Words

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