Magic 100 Words and Numbers Board Games

Magic 100 Words and Numbers Board Games

The aim of the game is to be the first player to reach the “your” square (words side) or the “100” square (numbers side).

Players take turns to roll the die/dice and move their token that number of squares along the board.

Players can try to say the word that they land on each turn.

If a player lands on a square at the bottom of a star trail, he or she moves his or her token upwards along the stars to the square at the top of the star trail.

If a player lands on a square showing a lizard’s head, he or she must slide his or her token to the square where the lizard’s tail ends.

Squares that have only part of a star trail or lizard are just normal playing squares.

The winner is the first player to arrive on the “your” square by an exact roll of the die/dice.

Magic 100 Words Board Games Variations.

Players must be able to read aloud the word they land upon or move back one space.

If the player can name each word as he or she progresses, he or she gains an extra turn.

Having landed on a word, players must use this word in a sentence.

Competent players may look at the word the land on, the close their eyes and spell the word out loud.
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