Guess What Word

Guess What Word

"Guess What Word" is similar to the game "Guess Who".

Select Magic Words Flashcards that are in the current book your students are learning to read or the word study focus. This ensures that your students' word recognition and reading fluency is being reinforced, revised and rapidly improved while playing games and having fun.

Players - 2 or more (small literacy group)

Flashcards - 12 single Magic Words Playing Cards (no pairs).

Start by placing the 12 single words face up on the table. 

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Choose a player to take a turn to "Guess What Word". This player then closes their eyes whilst the group selects (by pointing) one of the cards/words without revealing it to the player.

The player then begins by asking the group "yes" or "no" questions, in an effort to find out which is the Magic Word - Is it a Red Word? Is it a 2 letter word? Does it have 3 letters? Does it have a medial vowel - a,e,i,o,u? Does it have a double letter? Is it a noun? Is it a verb?

Example: “ Does the word have 4 letters?”

If the group says, “yes,” the asking player flips over all of the cards without 4 letters. If they say, “no,” the asking player flips over all the cards that have 4 letters. Through the process of elimination, the player will eventually be able to “Guess What Word” the group had selected.

Once the player has been able to "Guess What Word” is the Magic Word, a new player is chosen and the game begins again.

The winner is the player who guesses the Magic Word by asking the least number of questions. 

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